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Farfalle Pasta Van der Moolen Foodgroup

Italian pasta dishes are now an integral part of Northern European cuisine, and many pasta dishes and pasta salads are consequently produced here. The food industry and the food service sector impose strict requirements on the pasta products they use. The authentic Italian flavour must be fully retained, and in addition an optimum yield is required for industrial food processing.

Flexibility is also frequently demanded with regard to supplying special formats. Van der Moolen-Foodgroup has therefore set up a unique system that makes it possible to supply virtually all existing pasta formats and varieties. If the customer decides to switch to a new format, the desired product can be imported quickly and adequately thanks to the frequency of our deliveries from Italy.

Pasta Penne Van der Moolen Foodgroup

Top-quality made of 100% durumwheat

Van der Moolen-Foodgroup has extensive experience in the production of dough products. We utilize this experience to the full when choosing our Italian pasta producers. Working together with them we carefully select the desired pasta, opting exclusively for top-quality products made from 100% durum wheat. Our al dente pasta meets the highest standards set by the food industry and the food service sector relating to aspects such as pasteurization resistance, sterilization resistance, high yield after cooking, flavour absorption and processing ease. The pasta of Van der Moolen-Foodgroup passes every test with flying colours.

Pasta penne tricolore Van der Moolen Foodgroup

Processing of Pasta

In our own production facilities we have created the possibility to process original Italian pasta. This allows us to adapt the products so that our customers can process them as efficiently as possible, without unnecessary delays or possible processing problems. According to the wishes of the customer, long shape pasta such as spaghetti, linguine (Chinese noodles), capellini or tagliatelle can be pre-cut to the required length, making these products for the customer easier to process and pack. Furthermore, the product specifications can be tailored according to individual wishes, the packaging size can be geared to cooking batches, and the type of packaging is also subject to choice. For example, pasta can be supplied in standard 5 kg bags or in plastic crates containing 15 kg or 20 kg. It is even possible to deliver plastic containers with 300 kg of pasta. For more information on processing possibilities, click on TAILOR MADE OPTIONS.


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